Times + Memories and the climax.. !!

“I had always heard your entire life flashes in front of your eyes some seconds before you die. First of all, those seconds aren’t a second at all, it stretches on forever, like an ocean of time.” – AMERICAN BEAUTY

Life is plump of memories. We often get overcast of everyday sync and lose ourselves in the web of negativity. We also announce within our seldom of mind, that we are not going to miss the present in future.

but, do we ?

the answer is often ambiguous and is left open to someones reaction or consciousness towards the life of present. but, from the pillar of observation, we all do miss. It was never about we missing the present but, it was always about we missing the present times. concretely, it isn’t about missing the person, its always about missing the moments with that one specific. Time is a single carrier, we all are into it. It doesn’t brawn’s on cast, religion and social hierarchy. we all are fit in to the single carrier of life- the Time. When it comes to link between the times and memories, precisely the link is thick and broad. in fact, memories are totally and completely based on time or a garrison. when i say that i have so many memories from my various trips around and surround or from my wanderlust. i mean i have troupe of various times from my past, which no matter being good or bad collectively become my memories. today, i sit back and smile at those bad and good days. may be, that’s what life is all about. in the final moment of life there is a 30 seconds long moment. i am not sure of this moment because obviously i never experienced it, i have only heard about this from movie american beauty and a reliance that those moments range from 30 seconds to forever. This 30 seconds long moment is recollection of all the beautiful moments of your life, surprisingly, the beautiful moments depends upon what type of moments you classify as beautiful. for a poor rag picker- the happiness of sleeping within comfort of house was a great and beautiful moment. but, for a currency rich millionaire, breaking a deal that brought him enough fortune was a great moment. its your life ! and so are those 30 second. they are the most beautiful 30 seconds of your life- fill them with fervor of love, happiness and prosperity. memorize all your moments in life, it was never about missing some people in life. it was all about missing those moments in life. to all those moments whom you classified as sad and dull, convert them to happiness and bliss. right from today, at this very moment begin your troupe of those seconds. those 30 seconds are magical and pertain to every aspect of your life, you can die happily and without the dust of regrets only if you lived your life without any regrets , fear and hence, creating moments of contentment for the final seconds. we often, stop ourselves- fear of society, fear of loss but, think deep. what are you going to remember in those final seconds?. a happy life with thousand prosperous moments or a life of regret, which was never lived fully due to array of fears, at that moment you cant blame anything. those are the climax, probably life’s only and the most genuine report card the most important thing is that the day, when those final 30 seconds would appear remains unknown to everyone. It can be today, tomorrow or may be after a very long time.

If you are gonna die tomorrow, then what do you have for those 30 seconds ?

so pack up your dreams, fasten up your visions and get lost in this journey of life on a single carrier of time and end up creating moments and forgiving people. burn your ego, anger and jealousy along with the rule book you are born with. your happy life begins on the exact day, you realize that you have a sad life and cant live with it anymore.Image

May those final 30 seconds become the best 30 seconds of your life. no regrets. no loss. no pain. only life lived and lost in bliss.


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