“You have to do everything you can, you have to work your hardest, and if you do, you have a shot at a silver lining”SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK 

The headline today is so simple- a lot heard of and also a rare used of. I have watched silver linings playbook so many times, the movie resonates with almost everyone who watched it. in this life when we are lost in sea of negativity, which arose from mind demons and also negative apprehension, it is obvious to have problems. but, what can make you apart and set your mind demons free along with inner peace and soul enchanting is viewing the silver lining. yes, every cloud has a silver lining. yours and mine, both of us have different problems but, what remains same is the sleek and astonishing silver lining. 

maybe, every problem was only about the angle viewed and maybe this thing would have been said by many great people before.

what would set me apart?

i say, face the problem and do everything to cure it and if you cant do anything, remain positive and forgiving about the situation. bear the negative hysteria of problem but, remain positive and always remember the problem today is deeds of past but, the problem tomorrow is deeds of today. today you can be cynic, skeptical and also a negative apprehension type personality but, rewind the vibrations of your life with the aspiration that tomorrow depends on thoughts, actions of today. don’t mess it. to sum all my philosophy of cacophony follow the quote which i mentioned and watch the movie and get lost in the beauty of the movie.

in my sea of thoughts, there are thousand mix of emotions- positive and negative. i imagine good for me and also expect but, then the mind demons conquer and those negative apprehension start deviating me but, i remain positive and always think that no cloud of my life has power to finish me up. god has created me and he will end me. no other situation can end me and if situation is designed for my death i will accept it with my hands wide open. 

all of ours life resonates around that quote from the movie, we all have that one shot at silver lining. but, we have to find out. we have to remain positive and work hard with aim and aspiration of success and then will appear the sleek and shining silver lining- our shot. one can rename silver lining- destiny, luck, gods grace. i think these all are synonyms of that one ecstatic moment THE SILVER LINING. 

i end this with motivation and desire to find silver lining of my life and work hard for it along with hope dipped in positive thoughts. 



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