“The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you.” – LOST IN TRANSLATION 

Lost in translation still remains one of the finest shot movies with a breeze within movie which couldn’t be find in any movie before and looks like wont be found in any movie in near future. when i watch it, i get lost in emotional panorama of life and various conquest within it. the conquest to succeed by defeating others, conquest to win over love of life and the most cliched one- the conquest to pursue passion of life. When the bug stops at passion, various swirls occur in this vast ocean of mind with options infinite and obviously possibilities too infinite. Passion isn’t something which you know from your birth, it builds up and propels in growing. travelling from thoughts to different thoughts, we encounter thousand things we like and also love but, with time it flies away. passion isn’t, any of that thought, it is something above that.

Passion is a thought, which travels over thousand tides in sea of mind. It goes on and on and doesn’t changes with negativity, failure or remorse. a thought which settles in mind and bakes, from the surroundings, experiences and stories associated.

The conquest doesn’t ends here, passion is also and trouble- those sleepless nights, plans of convincing and also days of hibernating. it also brings out the true character of a person- some relations he brakes and some he makes. the most important one being the relation of himself with his passion almost true as relation with god from a very truthful heart and very divine mind- no second thoughts and no thoughts of loss.

In this conquest of finding himself, he leaves behind memories and also people associated with them- those hangouts with loved ones now don’t matter and that hopeless life now, has a pattern. His brain was clueless and now its wandering, with a pattern defined by passion and life defined by him.

Lost In Translation, a fine collection of greatest cinematic scenes. the cinema goes deep in heart and forces one to search his emotional edge. such cinema hurts, but, leaves the deepest effects. i loved some scenes so deep that i still watch them in the most lonely times. bob murray singing his life out in the karaoke scene became one of most reminiscent moments of the cinema and obviously the final scene- words spoken but, never heard by audience. no ending of a cinema can be this epic and beautiful along with creative. lost in translation was and still and will remain an bliss. the characters are lost in understanding of the foreign language and find solace within each other also both the characters have different view point of life but, what remains constant is loneliness and crisis in their life’s but, as we reach the climax, the characters move on bidding one final and beautiful good bye. they find their path after getting so close to each other, the path of uncertainty or may be the most natural path of life, in which one surrenders himself to the shock and surprises of life and does only one effort- the effort to find happiness.




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