reminiscent – tending to remind one of something.

In our lives we come across thousand moments each with its own weight of fear, trauma, love, happiness and so many other emotions. these moments positive or negative, are always an remainder or more precisely, these are the foot steps of past, they remain in our consciousness for a significant time and then so many of them wary off. only some moments remain, these become reminiscent memories. these moments identify themselves with loneliness, sadness and awkwardness. when, we come around songs, scenes or events which rib these moments then, the past comes alive. past stands right in front of your eyes, invisible and unattainable but, still the most significant form of interaction. these moments take you back to those days and apparently, these moments are the most original time machine you can ever have. these moments can be either good or bad but, the carrier of time has charismatic characteristics, moments of past are all summarized into good memories. some may haunt but, somewhere in your heart, you don’t feel them anymore. those moments are now all good. this phenomenon of memories, is what takes life forward and also assures to humans that no matter what your life is the ending is always good.

i don’t advise but, sometimes i open calendar in my cellphone of the year i miss the most then, i go through months and days and try to remember as much as i can of the past. for some time, i get lost in this ocean of life, i don’t feel the present and neither the future bothers me, the beautiful memories haunt me for that time and i love it, my love also increases progressively when i remember more and more of the past and how it was on that of the past month and year. its an bliss and a must try for everyone who isn’t running with time and not bothered about the turnout of future.

WAKE UP SID, a daunting tale of finding oneself through the gust of unhappiness and loss but, with hope and positive along with belief in passion. the movie released in 2008 but, still remains one of the cult movie for me and for everyone who associates with it. this is the exact movie and the perfect climax which would rib your moments of past and make you reminiscent for a time period. when reminiscent, always follow the thing i do.

Rain, another beautiful thing which is depicted in this movie and immediately takes me back to those thousand rain drenched days at various places in my life. i cant express my love for rain here, may be i would need a complete new post to describe each and every aspect of those drops of eternity.



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