This is the end 
Beautiful friend 
This is the end 
My only friend, the end – Jim Morrison 


Its about the end. yes ! that moment in your life when you realize that this certain routine wont remain like this again, then you classify it as ” the end” . This concept of ending has been in mind of ours since we were born, its only these small tumultuous routines in our life that makes us realize this specification of ending. these routines can be your routine of 12 years of school and one fine day you realize for yourself that this routine is on its bound. the very moment you realize that this specific routine wont last anymore, a different feeling gets attached to the word bound. precisely now, your moment is “emotional bound”. this isn’t a everyday moment, it comes rare and carries different weight for different ones. “emotional bound” moment can be really very scary for person who are leaving behind so many memories. for these people, the thought of such moment is enough to invoke thousand memories of the period. these memories which summarizes to be sweet, are actually consisting of good and bad moments. maybe, that’s how memories are summarized- good plus bad and the result is always neutral, so are memories. to the surprise, these good and bad moments which are now memories, wont hurt. in fact, they will haunt.

today, you can be ending anything. leaving your job, passing out from your college, joining new school and so many other instances. the pain of leaving can vary from one to another but, what remains constant is the haunting for memories. this haunt lasts forever and the only way to ever reduce is to bid goodbye. YES ! pause for a second from “emotional bound”, close your eyes, go back in past and in each and every instance that haunts you in a way positive or negative- make it come alive. feel those moments once again and let them haunt you. the procedure here is to find the silver lining among each of them either those moments made you laugh or made you cry. the moment that gave happiness involuntary converts to a moment worth cherishing and also gains the finest ranking in hierarchy of memory. now, get lost in moments of sadness and loss. in each one of them, try to find the silver lining hidden for you. these moments were there either to improve you or to strengthen you so, classify each of them on improvement or strength. when you are done finding the silver lining, smile and bid good bye from the most truthful heart to each of those moments and also promise to yourself that all your life you will create memories in the same way you did now. the pain of missing the regular routine would now be submerged a bit and sooner it would all release.


the pain of ending will remain in heart and haunt only when you want it to, with peace and positive.




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