“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”

Saint Augustine

Life is an collection of incidents and their associated memories. Everyday, we create something for the future may be constructive or destructive but, we do create. this creation is incomplete without amalgam of knowledge and experience. Knowledge, is again an very important component which an individual can gain in this short and beautiful pathway of life. But, from a significant amount of time we all search for authority of knowledge. Some find it in hard bonded books of library and others take up broad based education some find it in arms of god and others boost the books of past. but, the question still remains unraveled.

did we gain the correct knowledge?

to be concrete and precise- NO !

In this hard knit-ten panorama of events which happen in life’s we have forgotten of the soul purpose of life. the divine, eminent, glorious and beautiful-its just a six letter word which completes the meaning of life.


Sometimes i sit back on my chair- relax and think while looking at those thousand faces of people going on road who are discernible.I  see their faces and try to understand the deeper meaning within this conquest of life. i look at those innocent eyes on those faces which are all different.

did they ever travel in their life?

in this materialistic world, where more than half of the inventions makes no sense. the answer would be very glaringly YES ! . those people would immediately reply me back “YES”. To further support their answers, they would give me list of places they had been, which would be places of known ones,comrade, chum, crony, acquaintances and so many else. To be adroit for such people or for everyone. I would like to redefine travel in a way that would give you pleasure, peace from within, happiness for life and a soul full of grieve and gratitude.

TRAVEL – it is when you throw away the burden of this materialistic life, pack your bag in a very precise manner, bring the smile on your face which you carried in your child hood which was tender, candor and say good bye to the current neighborhood. Move on from one place to another but, not in an profligate manner. Sit back at each place you reach. for a second, pause your thinking and get lost in surreal beauty of nature. don’t click images now, just inhale and exhale. get lost in this divine eternity of nature and come back to your original state when you acquire the picture of nature in your eyes so beautifully that each time you are reminiscent, the scene comes alive. this is the source of knowledge- undisturbed and unadulterated. the findings one can indulge upon during travel can never be erased, they are for forever. this is the meaning of life- a soul travelling from one latitude to another.

i want those “everyone’s” to travel this way. to travel in a way such that these burdens of world seem so small and findings look so significant. travel beyond those limitations of danger, your death was decide the day you were born. the journey between birth and death is within your hands, spice and excite it as much as you can. make your life an example and not an model. You can gain everything in this materialistic world through hardships but, always accompanied is loss. We can find the greatest happiness in this materialistic world but, the next moment always has the power of ruining it. In this life of turmoil and pain, we have to possess the power to change moments. the moments of loss should become an source of love. the knowledge to use this power is within travel. The travel as i define.

May this life become an adventure for you and may the power to capture the moments always be with you.



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