We often go places and meet new people but, its only some places and some people who remain in heart forever. Memories of some places and people are so haunting and staunch that they have power to immediately take us back in time. in our lives, we all have such memories and these are triggered by reminiscent images, songs or videos from past which have connection with places and people, who are now gone.

I remember summer of 2011, those months of may and June. like every year this year also i was at my fathers place, for the whole month of may and June all i did was being engrossed in movies, music and life. at my fathers place, it used to rain for more than half of the day and hence, thick clouds were always hoggish in the sky. it was a 4 bed room bungalow and a garden surrounding it. every room had a window opened to garden which was full of old,strong and large trees. for complete days, i used to open up my rooms window in morning after i used to getup and for my pleasure and love almost everyday it rained. those thick drops used to enter my room and wet the floor but, i never cared about it. i used to sit beside window with ear plugs in my ears and music from my phone. i am a huge fan of music and videos in fact in this process of listening various genres of music i think i have developed immense understanding of music. i can easily differentiate between songs which touch the heart and which vaguely pass away from mind. I remember listening “KHAABON KE PARINDEY”- a song from a movie upcoming that time. that song touched my heart but, it was a song of reminiscence and in my life i never had a moment where i had to bid final good bye. i couldn’t relate much to the song but, it still haunted me. sometimes, i used to take out my SLR and click infinite images but, i always knew that no image can recreate the magic of past which an eye and human brain can do so, i used to sit and observe each and every thing and allowed it to enter my mind. i observed those rain drops travelling on branches of trees and also those rain drops which wet the leaves and now was falling slowly to the ground. i smelled the wet soil and felt the happiness of those tribal kids playing in rain.

my routine continued and i fell in love with my life that was when i decided that i have to become a traveler in my life and go to every place on earth to find synonyms of this beauty. time passed and i had no idea that good days were getting over. it was late in June and it was time for us to return. i was sad and disappointed but not too much because i always knew that again next year i am gonna come here and get lost in this bliss.

on the last day i took some images from my SLR and packed my bags. we all sat in car and to my convivial, it started raining, the rain drops traveled on the window glass and it became so beautiful. we started in morning and now it was almost end of evening, the bluish hue was in the sky and on the mp 3 player was playing “KHAABON KE PARINDEY”. my father asked me if i enjoyed the trip. i told him how much i loved this trip.

he said ” its good you enjoyed because, this was last time you are coming here”

on further inquiry he told me that he was promoted and now no more will be here.

for few seconds, i was shocked and then some tears flew down my cheeks, i opened the window glass and rain splashed my mouth, hiding my tears. i took head out of the window and looked back at those trees, children’s, leaves and then i looked at the road which was drenched in rain…FOR THE LAST TIME. from the bottom est of my heart i bid goodbye to all of them for the last time and in no hope of seeing again.

when i closed the window panes, the mp 3 was still playing “KHAABON KE PARINDEY”. i re-winded it to start from from beginning, for this time i heard it with most truthful heart because found the first painful and final good bye of my life. the song got a new meaning for me and till date it haunts me and takes me back to those wonderful days of past.



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