The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination” – WAY OF THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR


Finding happiness in this materialistic world has always been a challenge for each one of us. yes ! for each single one of us. i have met so many people who identify themselves with the things they own in their life. the rich identifies him with luxuries, lavishness and variety. the teacher identifies himself with his students and the farmer identifies himself with his crops. in this process of associating our self with materialistic world ha given birth to immense amount of sadness and pain. the sadness and pain arises when the rich associating his happiness with luxuries, couldn’t attain it. there can be so many examples, the student associating his happiness with high scores on a test, when he doesn’t get it, he becomes sad.

we have made hierarchy of happiness, we have lost the very important thought of joy in the process. we all want to be happy when we attain the thing we aim for but, no one tries to fell in love with the process of attaining. The so called beautiful destinations of world may be or may be not beautiful or magnificent at all, its the journey to reach them that makes them spellbound and more beautiful. the joy from inside of visiting a destination, the inner vibration of happiness and so many other brief moments in the inner body. these moments are indications of the curiosity that brain possess for the destination.

for a second, take a pause. may be, the destination is the most beautiful place on earth. but, what after you saw it ?

where will you seek beauty again? have you reached the threshold of beauty?

no ! you associated beauty and happiness with the destination. once, you have attained it, you are now lost.

this wouldn’t have happened, if you would have loved the process or the journey. there’s never a threshold of beauty, it is infinite. beauty and happiness cannot be gained by any physical means, you have to attain them. the moments around you, aren’t simple they are full of beauty and when you start seeking beauty in moments of everything, you attain that inner bliss which have been conquest of human lives.

then, you can visit any destination beautiful or not but, the journey would always remain beautiful and give you ample happiness because now you don’t associate wit the destination, you rely on moments of the journey, each beautiful, spellbound and surreal.




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