10 thoughts on “BUT IT RAINED….

  1. Greetings, Shrayanshpandey!

    You write beautifully. It vibrates with life, emotion, clarity and beauty. I enjoyed the philosophical ruminations regarding the divide between the rich and the poor in the first piece of writing on your blog. I guess that is natural: to wonder about life, about why we have this and someone else has that.

    Keep writing.

    Are you working towards a novel? A collection of poetry?

    • Heartily thanks for exploring my blog and for making such a positive comment, it is really motivating.
      i checked out your blog and found that you are excellent at your work 🙂
      i am working towards a novel from long time and hope that someday it will be on paper.

      • Greetings, Shrayanshpandey!

        Forgive me tardy response. I am just now returning to my usual, after enjoying the Los Angeles Writers Retreat! And what a revitalizing experience it was! Every writer should have the experience, so do try to enjoy one. I am told there are free writing residencies as well!

        You are welcome! Visiting you blog was a delight. Keep writing. Remain focused. Your novel will rest in the world’s palms one day soon!

        Happy Writing!

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