Happiness Is Around

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“As the ocean is never full of water, so is the heart never full of love”

Sometimes on my long walks at beach, my brain explores its hierarchy. the hierarchy of thoughts, puzzles and patterns. It leaves its troubles of materialistic world and doesn’t remains wary about them. I guess, this is the moment when i feel my surroundings less and the realms of inner peace are felt more deeply. After such deep and apparent sessions, i develop a thought or more suitably a belief about some bits of life.

Once after long walk beside beach, i sat down at the bench on the footpath facing towards the beach. i looked at both east and west of the sea. the vastness amused me in fact it aroused a thought in me. the sea had no end.

There at that very moment, i realized a very poignant law of life. 

“Life has no end, it is stretched to infinite. The achievements have no end as at every stage new comes up, happiness bonded to achievement can never be forever. “

May be it sounds offbeat or queer but, going through religious text of Hindu and Buddhism assured me of my penchant of my thought. Life has no end, what ends is the body. our aspirations and passions are work of egoistic mind which creates an illusion of bonded happiness. The egoistic mind creates an illusion which is equivocal to the mirage on a hot sunny day. 

We live our lives with aim of achieving perfection and goals, which in turn can give us happiness. this thought is both reassuring and obstructive. With archipelago of modern day issues in one hand, its absolute to follow the principle of achieving perfection and goals to seek happiness which can never be forever But, with a free mind having an passion of only truth of life i.e. happiness, Goals and perfection offer no support. 

The farmer can spend all his life with aim of being happy when the harvest is huge which in turn depends on ample rain and which again depends on factors which are out of control of an typical farmer. Hence he prays god. He does this all just for his aim which in turn is an assumed guarantee of happiness. God cant help because his defined pattern to exhaust an human life is never followed. The farmer could have just been happy with his farm and average harvest. That would have been difficult but, he has to realize that his happiness can be attained by just feeling it. By just finding it around him. happiness is not bonded, happiness is now, in your around and surround. The chirping of birds, the sound of rain, the wet leaves and the evening hue are all natures way of making you happy. the day the world stops being perfect and settles with finding happiness at the very square of their existence. Our lives will change, days will be more bright, brotherhood would be more abundant and most importantly happiness will always be around. 


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