To Let Go….

Every day of our lives are full of many tiny moments which can be anything- re assuring or obstructing. These moments define our path or more apparently the approach in life. A individual having dealt with more reassuring moments would be more balanced and germane in his life. while, a individual encountering obstructing moments develops a nature of negativity and most often is lost in the hierarchy of social class and various other parameters conspicuously. When it comes to the amounting, it becomes difficult to find individuals encountering only reassuring moments or individuals with only obstructions. The human race experiences the amalgam of two and hence the feelings align to being ambivalent in life and not in favor of either.

The parallel life of nature which rungs along with us- deafening our schedule and most importantly helping us in finding a entrenchment towards a particular season. Within this nature one can find a pattern to run their own life’s and hope to see a better life. The seasons of nature begins with winter conceding around months of February to march giving the bearers a lot of cold to appreciate- warm sunlight, the happiness of just lying in warmness underneath a comforter provoking only positivism or reassurances. The months then proceed to period of April to July. These months bring in enough cribbing of hot sun, the same evasion which was amenable a few months back is now an enemy. The scorching heat provokes nothing more than negativity, i engender the fact that this is natures way to germane this thought in humans brain. A close observer of society can never preclude this fact.

The months of July to September brings the most important teaching of life. These are the months when both the ends meet and give and end to all those ambivalent thoughts. These months have only the in between of summer and winter to offer but, the galvanizing fact is the garrison of clouds come up and shower those eternity drops which are natures way of healing the human pains. The rains are the times when both the thoughts flow in those gush of water. Its the time to wash away the pains of yesterday and the anxiety of  foresee of tomorrow. The finest moments are embellished when those lashes hit out straight on the face creating times unforgettable and days truly memorable.

So let off those rain coats and umbrellas and let the nature flow away your pains of yesterday, Let it diminish those thoughts of pain and those moments of loss.

Open your arms and mind wide and feel each drop of the sight and let it melt the deepest maladies.


Happy Monsoon !

CSC_0072 m


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