Freedom Above Words

Ilm n awey wich shumar
Jandi umer, Nahi aytebar
Eko Alif terey darkar
Ilmoun bas kari oo yaar  – Bulle Shah

There is never an end
An alphabet should do for you
It’s enough to help you fend.

Enough of learning, my friend! – Bulle Shah

There are various addictions in this world- drugs, alcohol and so many more. The circumvent behind these addictions is happiness. These are just short ways to get it- the bliss for some time. so how should i define happiness. i m not a man of huge motives and neither i am an expert at social intelligence but, still through situations which i have contrived and through maladies of life which i have bearded i have come to an conclusion of the definition of happiness. this conclusion may seem anticlimax, rude or foolish but, this is all i got

A moment when deepest pains vanquish within mind and any other proactive thought doesn’t interferes with mind, that special moment is called Happiness. its time when everything looks alright, perfect and beautiful- the rain looks more beautiful and those lush wet leaves more crystal.

yes ! i would have written more about the definition but, unfortunately my intelligence made me understand a little.

I have a addiction too not of alcohol or drugs but, something more superior to it – THE HAPPINESS.

i have various moments in my life where i experienced the pure joy of happiness and that made me addicted to it. i usually turn laconic writing about this topic but today i will be as open as i can. I have always wanted to be happy in my life and a person of prospects in eyes of my loved ones. but, in eclectic system of India my thoughts and passion are flowing in sorrow. India is a country where more than 90 percent of younger generation invest in education but, yet the praised are the ones who are either huge politicians, hereditary businessman or crooks who made immense money in the great Indian constitution and apart from these there are immense amount of tiny start-up from colleges who are helpless people themselves trying to be cool and happy. these start-up people boost about passion and freedom but, they personally don’t know that they have themselves launched them in the field of rat race and being sponsored by very own self they cant quit and runaway, like an average service sector person can do. earning money can never be an passion, it can only be an ambition. start-up is just another way to enter in field of rat race. maybe your own office, you are your own boss but, the responsibilities and hardships remain same. they aren’t trying to follow their heart, they are just in rat race with another perspective.

i move on because that is not my problem. My problem is freedom. yes ! we all are free but webbed under those numerous question in society’s eye. i don’t feel like replying any of them, they are people lost in this jungle of “making of perfect life”. they have very less understanding of emotions and passions. They only think of perfection- perfect education, perfect wife, 2 kids and long life. People boost about people who followed their passion and made it big in life but, when it comes to following their own heart they become egregious. some things which seriously hurt me is this disorder in India and this disorder exist in every form, parents here dont wish a good future for their kids- they make a good future by extensive planning and immense pressure on kids. Expectations and responsibilities follow. i want to be away from expectations and an avaricious nature very apparently, i want to be lost in those moments of happiness. i don’t want my happiness to be bound to things and places, i want it to be free and everywhere. i want to be happy clicking images, roaming on streets and even as minuscule as publishing this blog. but, this society measures happiness in terms of achievement. a real happy guy would be and entrance exam topper or someone who breaks barriers of huge firms and get a job. to add more camphor in fire are the websites like “” who regularly publish interviews of students who are selected by huge MN-Cs. i read a lot of them and it was pleasure to see immense success but, what hurts me is that there’s no website to celebrate success of students excelling in fields other than education which definitely needs more capabilities and attitude. excelling in education is good but not best. i would love to see inventions around rather than job offers which are indirectly equivalent to becoming a pet of a huge company along with so many others.

I need freedom above the word freedom. i need freedom from eyes of people who don’t understand it. i don’t want to plan each and everything and achieve temporary happiness. its a trap- firstly, achieve a degree, secondly- get a job, third- study more for better job, fourth- get a wife, fifth- a son and daughter, sixth- plan future for them, seventh- save money for them and this goes on and on. there will never be time to sit back , relax and think about beauty of life rather than achieving perfection. my future is unknown to me and i don’t want to know it, i just want to follow my heart and see the unknown, not plan about making a perfect life by getting degrees from huge colleges and working as a dog for huge firms. may be working for a firm is great but, only when you have found that that’s the only thing you were born for.

may be that’s why bulle shah said that one alphabet is enough for all of us. because in life it was never about making it perfect and learning about discoveries, it was about discovering oneself and finding out the reason of birth and being lost in this wonderful creation of god- nature. our own creations are own enemy and our knowledge a curse.


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