Moments Within Time

We are all lost in search of perfection but, we don’t understand perfection.

Perfection is an illusion and so will our life become if we are lost in its pursuit.

YES ! a mirage more attractive and more clingy than any known mirage and we all are lost in them, apparently in pursuit of them. Imagining a beautiful life is not a seldom but, where we lack is expecting. imagination is once again a mirage but, with an eclectic conditions. imagination with expectation can lead to wonders but then there lies our mistake, our imagination are mostly banal, bleak and most importantly we have seeded a negativity in our brain in the deepest tissue. this negativity makes imagination a pure mirage and conspicuously makes an imagination a waste of time.

Who doesn’t imagine ??

the answer would be no one of course.

Its the degree of imagination that matters. I have seen thousand quotes from history where the stress is primarily on imagination but, as we moved towards a modern world this trend decreased. happiness was long gone, imagination was replaced by day dreaming and most important knowledge considered was of knowing about people and theories.

but, if we take a moment out of our scenario and go back in those times (which can be soporific for some but definitely interesting for every one) we realize that in history knowledge was considered the act of knowing oneself. we have numerous example of people from history in various fields ranging from politics to religion; guru Nanak to Steve jobs. they were all on equivocal ground. the ground where all were enriched with laws of life and enlightened to change the world in way no one ever did. To reach the state where these legends used to dwell we have to firstly, break our own barrier and now that barrier is of society, rules and pursue of perfect life. we have to rise above this and think of ourselves and our passion and then follow our heart and conspicuously we will make a life which looks perfect in eyes of a pursuer of perfection but, we know the reality that the aim is to just find oneself, the rest follows.

the greatest education of life would be to know oneself and we need to draw out a single moment from rush of life, think back and begin from basic and delineate at each stage, child hood – dreams and aspirations and then to adult hood. finding out our dreams and things that give happiness to heart and heal life. This isn’t possible till we are lost in pursuit of perfect life because that is an illusion at every stage there is misery, there may be temporal happiness sometimes but, then it is up to us to decide what happiness we prefer in life.

ephemeral or eternal ??

The moment is now and the knowledge is forever.

DSC_0668 q


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