What is Death ?

What Is Death ? 

A intrepid and disturbing question. It has ability to pause moments and make us get lost for sometime to present an answer which is plausible and aesthetic at same time. I know the answer. The end of an living being such that they cant breathe again is death. But, my acrimony with death makes me add so much more to the definition.

Death isn’t just last rhyme of your breath. Its so much more. Death is end of those thousand moments knitted all over the life. the moments being anything- the birthday with friends, the graduation day, night spent at camp sleeping under those billion stars, the first kiss, the smile you brought on your parents face, marriage, first child, first salary, failure, break-up, accident, problems with god, insecure times and thousand of those reassuring and obstructive moments. I am a huge fan of movie “AMERICAN BEAUTY” which is a beautiful portrayal of sorrow, betrayal, selfishness, love, lust and by the end of the movie these emotions flow in a common river of Death.  My most favorite dialogue from the movie is

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life”? Well, that’s true of every day but one – the day you die.

this dialogue further broadens my addition to the definition of death. The dialogue captures the essence of death and how tragic it can be. It also provokes us to look at the other side and stop confounding about future. In the movie, the lead character says there is a 30 second moment in which all the finest times of life play. Have you made enough fine time for those 30 seconds?. Death was never about just an end of breath, it was end of memories of one complete life time. Its also end of your presence in someone else’s life. All the relations with which you were born to all the relations which you made. The emptiness of your absence will be heavy. Souls of loved ones will scream for you and produce sorrow of lifetime. Those empty rooms will echo the sorrow of your absence and those fests of friend will miss your presence. The time will be harsh and will pass slowly but, then there lies the silver lining. The time will definitely pass. Pains of yesterday will be washed by clouds of tomorrow and hope for happiness will try to fill your presence though later.

The summed up addition to the definition of death would be Death is an manner. Death is above a simple end it is breaking of ties of love, acquaintances and surroundings but, the only silver lining is hope. which will occur definitely and the only way to wash the pain of death is to be lost in hope of happiness.

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