The Winter Times

Its December 12th and the winters in India has begun.

Winters has always been special to me. I loved those cool breeze hitting my face when i rode my bike or when i looked out from the window of my car also sometimes when i just walk those empty roads in those blue hours of evening and these silent chilling breezes passing by me very smoothly, very comfortably. The mornings of winter has been special to any one i guess. Those magnificent rays bring down the much needed warmth and the much awaited relief. Its like those sun rays have become part of enjoying winters.

These seasons always make me philosophical i find each one of them as a simile to situations of life. within those intricacies of my mind i have given identity to each season some are situations of positiveness and others negativity. Decoding those eclectic layers makes me write about them and the vicious circle which comes out.

January to March- the beginning of year. its the continuation of winter which is cold, comfy and silent. when those beautiful roses blossom and when those evening walks are perfect. Thanks to cool breeze. The perfect season to start a year. May be the almighty’s way to give humans a amazing start of year.

April to June – the mid time. The saddest part of year. this is time when those sun rays which were almost heaven in winter become enemies. This may be the challenge of almighty just to make sure that all of us see the bad times to appreciate the good times.

July to October – Half yearly. Its that time of year when black clouds pour those drops of eternity. This is most assuring time of year assuring the fact that no matter what went wrong till now but an end is coming. This is indication that finest time of season is still left and will soon come. These rains are the seeds of tomorrows happiness and each drop reassures that those trees wont be withered any more, those roses know its time to grow and those souls know its time to let go.

November to January- The Winter. the best time of year, the most unique time of year and most importantly the happiest time of year. One should let go of those thousand pains and get lost in this madness of winter. when the days aren’t long and the night isn’t short. Its the time of year when that tired soul will let go of his burdens of life and just hope for peace and happiness. Finally, the year will end and no matter what happened in between the year, the end is always reassuring happiness and a hope for a bright tomorrow. May be its the end that matter or may be a happy end and the vicious cycle goes on. Observe. Feel. Live.

DSC_0158Happy Winters !  


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