Life and Death

Today, I sit back losing one of the most important denizens of my life. Not materialistic but something which can breath. A human.

I wonder how powerless are we ? what have we got ? We studied the whole human body but, we cant make anything similar. We have studied history of whole world but, can never learn from it. What are we ? A verbose answer will be – Breathing animal of highest intelligence with no power. We cant predict death. we cant stop death. We don’t know anything about tomorrow or may be things after few moments. Still, we are proud of our achievements. We plan future. But in reality we cant even plan a moment.

May be the confused thinking pattern of my mind reached a conclusion. Life is a mystery not worth solving. The way to live life is not to solve mystery it is something different. It is to be involved in the mystery i.e. go with the flow. Never try to predict it, Never try to define it and never try to understand it.

As i understand life deeper, i understand the power of hope. I know that hope for prosperity is more reassuring than fear of loss. Fear is an creation of mind. It can be or it cannot be. Never fall prey to it, always hope for things you wish to happen. I hope my denizen reaches heaven and keeps watching me from there and bless me for every step of my life. I hope by each passing day the pains lose their strength and prosperity takes over. I hope this life gets full of so much happiness that to think of loss there remains no moment. I hope my denizen remains with me forever as a precious memory that never fades away.

The denizen is my grand mother.

DSC_0043 mm



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